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Welcome to The HUB

The HUB is about the power of innovation through collaboration.

HUB Ottawa is a coworking community uniquely optimized for innovators, artists, professionals, and entrepreneurs collectively creating a positive impact. Over 300 individuals have become members since our launch in March 2012.

By becoming a member, you become a part of the community. You can access our creative industrial space to work, plug into innovative projects, and participate in learning and networking events.

Our local and global collaboration platform provides you with immediate access to a vibrant global community of 7000 individuals leading social innovation in 45+ cities around the world.

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Become a Member

Becoming a member has helped Hubbers accelerate their learning, get connected to the right experts at the right time, increase productivity, maximize collaboration opportunities, earn media coverage, find co-founders, gain peer input, and build lasting professional relationships.

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HUB Ottawa is an inspiring contemporary environment. The space is deliberately designed with collaboration and creativity principles in mind. Using re-purposed wood and environmentally friendly products, we built this space to practice the sustainability we wish to see in the world.


Connect and Learn

From incredible speakers to workshops, to idea jams and Brown Bag Lunches, HUB programming provides a unique opportunities to learn, accelerate your project, gain profile, and connect with people and initiatives that are creating positive change. Read more